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Medical Green Buds

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Safe Usage Tips for Marijuana

  • Avoid smoking or using marijuana in front of or around children, teenagers or minors.

  • Always medicate or smoke out of the view of the public.

  • Never drive under the influence of marijuana. A person can receive a DUI or injure themselves and others while driving under the influence of medical cannabis.

  • Never drive with marijuana in reach. Store the marijuana in the trunk or back of the vehicle.

  • Remember that there are still some law enforcement officials that are not completely educated with Colorado marijuana law.

  • Do not attempt to travel to another state or country with your marijuana. Your Colorado marijuana card is not valid in states other than Montana.

  • Search the internet and review our site for updates and changes to Colorado‚Äôs marijuana rules and regulations.

  • Continue educating yourself with relevant and useful information about marijuana laws in Colorado.